Furniture & Decorating

We offer personalized furniture and decorating services for residential and office space. Our team of expert designers works with your style and budget, taking out the guesswork. Whether you have a Pinterest board of ideas or are just getting started, we will help you. Our experts also work with your existing, favorite furniture to create a cohesive design and layout that truly feels your own. We provide living room, kitchen, wardrobe, and bedroom design services.

Consulting on Design

SINTERIOS offers innovative and luxury interior design consultation for residential and commercial spaces. Our certified designer works skillfully to transform your dream space into reality. We diligently work with the clients, learning their preferences and taste to create welcoming and unique spaces. From interior design consultation to 3D graphs, we aim to provide complete design solutions.

Feng Shui Consultation & Decorating

We offer Feng Shui consultation and decorating services for residential and commercial properties. Our Feng Shui expert provides a comprehensive analysis including site inspection, architectural consultation, study of the physical environmentand review of the interior layout.The goal is to have a flow of positive energy present. Rooms are examined and corrections in furniture placement and color scheme are implemented to maximize success, prosperity, health, and harmony.