Sylvia Scalise

Principal/ Owner

SINTERIOS is a firm located in SF Bay Area serving residential and commercial clients to imbibe the positive energy flow throughout their spaces. Using the power of design, contemporary style, and Feng Shui, we improve the spaces and fortunes of our clients. Our design process is rooted in the belief that the choices we make in our environment impact how we approach every aspect of our lives. We are available for both onsite and remote design and Feng Shui consultations. We offer interior and exterior design for your home, office and business.

If you are looking to give your home interiors or office space a fresh and elegant look without spending a huge fortune SINTERIOS is at your service. Whether you just want to modify a few of your interiors or have plans for a complete renovation, we offer the most personalized and affordable way to get things done. 

Our experienced team of interior designers and Feng Shui experts will give your space an entirely new look leaving you with a sense of renewed energy.

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should reflect the unique expression of you. 

We understand that and ensure your home design fits your distinct tastes. Everything, from furniture to  lighting, reflects your sense of design, making a space truly yours.

Whatever your need is, we provide you with customized solutions that bring life and harmony to your interiors.